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Lithamele   Lisavelile 
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We have 150 Learners residing at the hostel. Three housefathers and six housemothers working on

shifts, daily.

Our school has 4 Therapy rooms

Speech Therapy

Physio Therapy

Social Worker

Occupational Therapy



For therapeutic and Rehabilitation Services, the school has professionally qualified and registered

therapists who also have university degrees.

2 Physio Therapists

1 Speech Therapist

1 Occupational Therapist 



The school has a school based Social Worker and a nurse to complement support services given to

our learners with disabilities.  


Boys Dormitories 65 beds

Girls Dormitories 47 beds

Each and every bed consist of Blanket, Sheets and Pillows

Homework Supervision and Periods

15h30 – 17h15 Homework

18h30 – 20h00 Study Time

20h00 – 21h00 Bathing and preparing to sleep


Night Supervision

20h45 – 21h00 Educators and Nightshift staff help one another for supervision and marking of the

register per dormitories each night.


Visitation Procedures

Parents are allowed to visit their children in the hostel during weekends starting from Friday afternoon

to Sunday afternoon.

Visitation Times

Friday 14H00 – 17H00

Saturday 12H00 – 17H00

Sunday 12H00 – 17H00

Parents/Guardians sign visitation book every time they go in and out of the hostel premises. Learners

are allowed to go home during weekends and public holidays with permission from the office

and also on parents’ request. Permission Slip are issued out to parents/learners indicating the date,

time of departure and return. Parents need to sign and return the permission slip to the school to

confirm that the learner was at home during weekend/public holidays.