Adelaide Tambo Schools’ current infrastructure is inadequate to meet our daily challenges & needs.


Staff Room




Perimeter Security walling

Sport /playground with modest covered grandstand.

Hostels (Boys & Girls)

Ablution blocks (bathroom) need upgrading to reasonably address the demands

(Currently 2 showers & 2 Baths fully functional for 60 wheelchair bound students).


General Maintenance

All toilet facilities require general maintenance including but not limited to new urinals, toilets, wash basins, fittings, tiling & adequate drainage & lighting.

Wheelchair toilets need new urinals, toilets, wash basins, fittings, tiling, adequate drainage, guide rails & lighting.

Roofing in various places specifically over walkways requires new sheeting.

Existing electrical distribution & infrastructure needs to be upgraded together with adequate supply from Eskom. Overload (electrical failure) is a daily occurrence.

Existing swimming pool is in need of improved drainage and access ramps for wheelchairs.

The swimming area needs to be enclosed and solar heating installed essential for the wellbeing of quadriplegics, paraplegics & other.