From The Principal

Educational programs and campaigns are one of the most essential factors in building the future of every nation. The physically and mentally challenged should not be excluded from this process.

It is our opinion that people with Disabilities have a lot to offer to their communities and to the world, given a chance. On one hand they are disadvantaged by their disabilities, on the other they are advantaged as God has endowed them with amazing resilience in dealing with challenges of life better that able bodied people.

This is a gift that is often ignored and is not tapped by society. Our approach as society should be to give them support that will add emphasis, scaffold, and reinforce the strength as opposed to approaches that wants to nanny their disabilities and challenges.

It is against this background that sponsors should give meaningful assistance and support that will allow our brothers and sisters our children to participate equally in society with all other citizen.

Our wish list, with your generosity and support, will become a reality and have a significant impact on the daily lives of all at our School.

We believe that you will be proud of our school as a valuable sponsor.

Thank you for considering the sponsorship. Please feel free to call me for any additional information.